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A 4 week intensive on how to personalize your schedule so you can work smarter, not harder

No prior experience needed!

Learn how your unique Ayurveda, Astrology, and Human Design affect

your energy levels, culminating in a personalized daily roadmap 

7 planets.png

Create an efficient

daily schedule

Understand when 7 planets and Ayurvedic elements are active throughout the week and what that means for how to optimize your periods of activity and rest


Experience the balance between effort & ease

Transform your levels of creativity, productivity, and how regenerated you feel after rest periods


Finally stop wondering why you can't be like everyone else

Live in flow with your unique energetic patterns, understanding that your way will always be your answer

The Grind Revival

Sunday, March 7th - March 28th

4 - 5PM EST via Zoom

$444 for just you / $777 for bring a friend

  • 4 weeks of live classes

  • Lifetime access to a Voxer group chat to support you as you navigate each day, week, and season's unique energy

  • 1 private 30-minute energy management audit and consult

  • 2 optional virtual co-working labs

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