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Have you ever felt too complex to be understood? 

... So deep into societal conditioning, you're unsure who the true 'you' is?

No one can tell you who you are.

I'm just here to remind you.

So that you can step into your unique gifts
and live out your soul's sacred work.

Ayurveda, Astrology, and Human Design all have the ability to identify how 3 layers of your body are unique.

However, each modality has a strength in better helping you understand either your physical, mental, or energetic body. 

The Physical Body


Understand how your physical body is unique, identify the root cause of ailments, and heal them naturally

The Mental Body


Identify your strengths/shadows and understand various time periods of your life

The Energetic Body

Human Design

Discover your unique HD Type and explore how to live from an authentic vs. societally conditioned place