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Astrological Birth Chart Readings

In their purest form, astrological birth charts are an illustration of what the sky looked like above you when you were born.

Love, friendships, family, psychology, past lives, career - it's all written in the stars. Yet, human free will always is present.

Rather than thinking of it as fortune telling, think of it as a blueprint for your strengths and your shadows, mirroring how your life path has unfolded to date and how it can mirror your path in the future.

  • Explore your entire birth chart (Western or Eastern calculations)
    195 US dollars

^This reading is for you if you're seeking to understand how to show up as your truest self in all aspects of life. You feel like you've been so conditioned by society and what others want you to be that you're unsure where the true you even begins. This also for those who have never felt connected to their Western birth chart and/or Sun sign, as this is the only reading I do using Eastern astrology, shifting all signs by 23 degrees. Or, maybe you're just super interested in astrology and are curious to know the ins & outs of your own birth chart.